Giuliana Cockcroft

Designer, art director, artist and head of production – Giuliana obtained a National Diploma in graphic design studies at the Cape Technikon and worked at Ogilvy Cape Town, Carter & A Couple Johannesburg, Luca Mercury in Italy and Tinderbox in Cape Town. Giuliana and husband Craig started Jack Russell Design in 2000.

Craig Cockcroft

Creative director, art director and artist – Craig started his career as a toolmaker at Volkswagen South Africa before taking a sharp right turn into advertising at Ogilvy & Mather Rightford Searle-Tripp & Makin in Cape Town. Craig also worked at Saatchi & Saatchi and Lindsay Smithers FCB in Johannesburg, Alternative Studio in Verona (Italy) and The 3D Agency, which became Blueprint, Publicis then Herdbuoys, in Cape Town. After a third and final stint at Ogilvy, Craig and Giuliana started Jack Russell Design in 2000.

Isabella Cockcroft

Isabella loves to create beautiful, functional things. She has designer pixels in her veins.

Francesca Cockcroft

Young and small but packs a mean pencil pouch. Part time dog walker and full time illustrator.

Liam Cockcroft

Liam is a film maker, photographer and artist.

What we do.

Creative Strategy – Graphic Design – Corporate Identity – Product Packaging Design – Label Design – Advertising Concept & Design – Brochure Design – Leaflet Design – Poster Design – Billboard Design – Advertising Campaign – Film – Social Media Assistance – Exhibition Design – Ambient Design – Illustration – Photography – Copywriting – Logo Design – Book Cover Design…

Why Jack Russell?

We like the traits of the Jack Russell Terrier, and aspire to many of them. Small and sensibly built, bright, bold, confident, independent, energetic, agile, expressive and brave to the point of abandon. Sometimes referred to as a big dog in a small dogs body. Loyal and loving dogs with a great sense of humour who treasure their contact with humans (particularly those who feed them and love them in return). A Jack Russell is an intelligent working dog, bred to hunt, search, chase, dig and to be dug. This dog works tirelessly for it’s handler, and in this capacity should be cheerful and always willing. It must never be made to feel humiliated or encouraged to be overly aggressive. The Jack Russell was bred to work in the field, not in the show ring. Jack Russell’s love to work and play in open spaces.

Unlike some other dog breeds, the Jack Russell likes to make eye contact with people. In this gesture and in the alert, intelligent look in his eyes lie the expression of the true Jack Russell character: bold, fearless and eager. A Jack Russell Terrier is a hunting dog that has been kept sound through years of breeding strictly for working ability, temperament and intelligence. It is a little dog with a big heart, and is happiest doing what it is bred to do: working hard to please its owner, and itself, in the field. Strong bonds are formed between owner and dog, to the point that they often can communicate with the mere wave of a hand or nod of the head. The observation has been made more than once that a Jack Russell can easily read a person’s mind with uncanny accuracy.

(Extracts from Catherine Romaine Brown’s An Owner’s Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet – The Jack Russell Terrier and Christina Pettersall’s Parson Russell Terrier.)