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The dog's blog #3 - Logos we like

10 Jun 2014

 Here are some of our favourite logos produced by some very talented people: ..

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The dog's blog #2 - A good bad hair day

04 Jun 2014

04h15 - client phone call : "Hi, good morning, sorry to call so early, but my girlfriend just had this great idea...and I couldn't wait to share it. Imagine if you could proactively produce an award winning viral video for YouTube internet social media to launch my awesome new product.......? Blah, blah, blah....bla, la, la, la, aaaaaaaa....(15 minutes later), what do think? Brilliant or what? Anyway, let your creative juices flow and send me a script or better still, a rough storyboard preferably before midday cos I'd like to bounce it off my partners and some lady friends over lunch. Chat later, I need to get to gym. Cheers.  ..

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The dog's blog #1 - A 'then and now' ramble through the woods of consumerism

03 Jun 2014

In the beginning there was earth, wind, water and fire. Humans and animals hunted and foraged for food in a 'dog eat dog' situation. Generally, the fit, clever, strong and fast survived the challenges that life and nature delivered on a daily basis. Instinct, alertness and intelligence served survivors well. For the weak, meek, slow and less brave, the struggle was greater. Little has changed, or has it? ..

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